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The Central New Mexico Team Chess League is a key program to the success of the Learners Chess Academy mission. In the Fall, we run regional team tournaments around Central New Mexico and in the Spring, we run a large final team tournament.

Our Fall 2017 Regional Team Tournament will take place on Sunday December 3rd.

Here is the map of our Fall 2017 Regions (ABQ Metro, Sandia Heights, Rio Grande Valley, and Northwest Mesa):

Below are the results of all our past tournaments.

Spring 2016

Central NM Team Chess League Finals

Tournament Write Up

SAFE Regional Chess Tournaments

In the Spring of 2016, Learners Chess partnered with RRPS’s SAFE after school program to run chess clubs at all ten RRPS elementary schools. Two tournaments were held to determine the top school chess teams from each region.

Fall 2015 Regional Results from Dec. 5th



Fall 2015 Regional Results from Nov. 14th

Spring 2015 Finals

Our Spring Finals, yet again, set an attendance record for our tournaments! On March 22nd, 2015, sixty teams showed up to compete for their school chess team! That is 300 students from around Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and the East Mountains!

Congrats to the winners in each division!

Results (click links to see a cross table of results)

Fall 2014 Regional Team Tournament

Our 2014 Fall regionals were our most well attended regional tournaments yet! We had 271 chess players who made up 54 teams participate in three regions around Central New Mexico!

Results (click links to see a cross table of results):

Congrats to our Fall 2014 Regional Champions!

  • NE Heights: San Antonito Roadrunners
  • Westside/ Rio Rancho: St. Thomas Aquinas Pelicans
  • ABQ Metro: Mountain Mahogany Knights

Spring Finals 2014 

Participating Teams Map:


  1. San Antonito Roadrunners, 1st team
  2. North Star Wolves, 1st team
  3. Mountain Mahogany Knights, 1st team
  4. Monte Vista Penguins, 1st team
  5. Georgia O’Keeffe Rams, 1st team
  6. Bandelier Bears, 1st team
  7. Hubert Humphrey Hawks, 1st team
  8. St. Thomas Aquinas Pelicans, 1st team
  9. North Star Wolves, 2nd team
  10. Chamiza Conejos, 1st team
  11. Escuela Del Sol, 1st team
  12. Sandia Vista Thunder, 1st team


  1. Mountain  Mahogany Knights, 2nd team
  2. Monte Vista Penguins, 2nd team
  3. Seven Bar Wranglers, 1st team
  4. Manzano Mesa Meerkats, 1st team
  5. Double Eagle Double Eagles, 1st team
  6. Zuni Eagle, 1st team
  7. San Antonito Roadrunner, 2nd team
  8. Bandelier Bears, 2nd team
  9. St. Thomas Aquinas Pelicans, 2nd team
  10. Hubert Humphrey Hawks, 2nd team
  11. Montessori of the Rio Grande, 1st team
  12. North Star Wolves, 3rd team
  13. Maggie Cordova Dragons, 1st team
  14. Monte Vista Penguins, 3rd team


  1. Cien Aguas International School, 1st team
  2. Manzano Mesa Meerkats, 2nd team
  3. St. Charles Cardinals, 1st team
  4. Alice King Community School, 1st team
  5. Ventana Ranch Roadrunners, 1st team
  6. Chamiza Conejos, 2nd team
  7. Maggie Cordova Dragons, 2nd team
  8. Seven Bar Wranglers, 2nd team
  9. Cien Aguas International School, 2nd team
  10. E. Stapleton Coyotes, 1st team
  11. Zuni Eagles, 2nd team
  12. Griegos Cowboys, 1st team
  13. Alice King Community School, 2nd team
  14. House team 



Fall Regionals 2013

Congrats to all who participated in our Central New Mexico Team Chess League Regionals in the Fall of 2013!

Here are the School results:
NE Heights:

1. Georgia O’Keeffe Rams
2. Hubert Humphrey Hawks
3. North Star Wolves
4. Double Eagle Double Eagles
SE Heights:
1. San Antonito Roadrunners
2. Bandelier Bears
3. Manzano Mesa Meerkats
4. Zuni Eagles
5. Cien Aguas Charter School
University/ N. Valley:

1. Monte Vista Penguins
2. Mountain Mahogany Knights

3. Montessori of the Rio Grande Dragonflies
4. St. Charles Cardinals
Westside/ Rio Rancho:

1. Sandia Vista Thunder
2. Maggie Cordova Dragons
3. Chamiza Conejos
4. St. Thomas Aquinas Pelicans
5. Seven Bar Wranglers

6. Tierra Antigua Firebirds

Learners kicked off our initial team chess tournaments in the Fall of 2012 with three regional tournaments around Central NM and then a final meet in the Spring of 2013 at UNM in the Student Union Building.

In 2016, we added two new regions: the Rio Grande Valley Region and also a regional for the SAFE After School Program chess clubs that we will run in RRPS Elementary schools.

As a competative outlet for our chess clubs team tournaments allow us to coach our students to help each other get better at chess, thus serving the social and leadership development components of our mission.