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Founded in the Spring of 2010, and reincorporated as a 501c3 not-for-profit organization in 2012, Learners Chess Academy is an Albuquerque-area educational program with the mission to enhance child development by using the game of chess to promote and stimulate intellectual maturity, social skills, and leadership development. Our vision is a New Mexico where all kids have the opportunity to grow through learning the game of chess. 

We do not just teach kids chess, we teach them to learn by compassionately leading them through the process of paying attention and drawing on their experiences. Furthermore, we teach leadership development skills to encourage players to communicate and to teach each other what they know and how they learn.

Currently we teach before and after school chess clubs during the school year and chess camps during winter, spring, and summer breaks. We also run chess tournaments once every month or two. 

Our coaches are educators, activists, farmers, chess education enthusiasts, parents, students, and leaders. We recruit instructors who are passionate about the ways that chess improves kids’ classroom performance and social development. All of our coaches are required to pass a background check to allow them to work with children. Click here to learn more about each of our chess coaches.