Learners Forms and Waivers

Below is a list of the release forms you are asked to agree to when registering your child for a Learners Chess Academy camp, club, or tournament. Some of them only apply to certain types of programs.

I give my permission for my child to be photographed and/or video recorded during chess club activities. I further allow for the reproduction of these media to be used in educational and/or promotional materials produced by Learners. I understand that neither my child’s name nor any other identifying information will appear with the photographs. Further, I understand that neither I nor my child will receive any compensation for the use of these photographs.

If for any reason you cannot agree with any part of this this release, please email your objection to learnerschess@gmail.com after completing this form and we will make note of it on your child’s registration manually.

I agree to be held financially responsible for this registration. Further, I agree to the following terms:

Payment of Fees:
Complete or partial payment –with an arranged payment plan – of fees is due by the first day of the program. Failure to make a payment by the second program day may result in a $15 late fee.

Need-based scholarships:
If required, I will submit a need-based scholarship application (link to application will be in confirmation email) at least one week before my child’s scheduled program.

I authorize a licensed physician or medical treatment center to treat my child in case of an emergency. In the event of an emergency in which neither parent/legal guardian can be reached, I authorize Learners’ coaches to arrange ambulance transport for my child to a facility for medical treatment. I assume full financial responsibility for any medical transport, attention or treatment provided.

If you do not agree to any part of this release, please email learnerschess@gmail.com with your objection.

/ out:

All students must be signed in or out by a parent or designated adult. For AM programs, I understand that I will be required to walk the child into the building and sign them in. For PM programs, I understand I am required to sign them out unless I have indicated otherwise on their registration. (Walk home, after-school program, etc)

I further understand that my child will only be released to those people I have designated on this registration and that any person listed to pick up my child must be prepared to show a photo ID. I agree to notify Learners Chess Academy in writing of any changes to my child’s pick-up information.

I understand that I must pick up my child from chess club at the indicated time. I further understand that if my child is picked up later than 5 minutes after chess ends. I will be charged and I agree to pay $1 per minute late that my child is picked up, beginning from the scheduled end time for chess club.

I understand that, while at Learners Chess programs, my child is expected to demonstrate good behavior by respecting others, their belongings, our facility and our staff. I understand that Learners Chess coaches will work to coach my students’ misbehavior, but that ultimately they have full discretion to discipline my child by issuing them a time out. I further understand that repeated misbehavior by my child may result in him or her being suspended from a day or more of Learners Chess programs.
I agree to be held financially responsible for any equipment or property that my child damages during the course of chess camp with Learners Chess.
When at large tournaments not located at Learners Chess Academy, due to the size of these events, we are unable to undertake the responsibility of supervising your child. If you cannot be present for the duration of the event, please arrange for another parent to watch your child. Each school will have a team parent you may contact for this purpose.
I agree to have my child in attendance for this tournament at the specified time or to email or call with cancellation at least 24 hours before the tournament is set to begin.
I further understand that because my registration is reserving one of a limited number of spots for my child, if I cancel less than 72 hours before the tournament, I may be held financially responsible for this registration.

A lockdown is ordered by police or school officials when a dangerous person is on or near a campus.

During a lockdown:

Bathrooms, cafeteria doors, office doors, and gates are locked.
Students are moved out of the hallways and into the nearest classrooms immediately.
They must stay in those rooms until they are cleared to leave by public safety personnel.
Students and staff are kept away from doors and windows.
All doors are closed and locked to protect students and staff from the threat.
All blinds are closed. Lights are kept on.
Attendance is taken.
Everyone remains quiet.


Shelter-in-Place is similar to a lockdown, except that the students and staff are allowed to move around inside their classroom. They are allowed to have organized and supervised restroom breaks, medical attention, food, and water if necessary. No one is allowed in or out of the building.

Students are allowed to continue their studies in a supervised classroom that is locked and secure. All students are physically supervised during a shelter-in-place.

In the event of a Lockdown or Shelter in place, please contact your district’s Security Department:

APS Police: (505) 243-7712
RRPS Security: (505) 891-5335 x51370

I understand that school health offices including any medications stored there are unavailable during before/after school clubs.
I also understand the Learners Chess Coaches are prohibited from administering medications to my child. Exceptions are made for life-saving medications such as Epi-pens or Albuterol inhalers as outlined in the student’s emergency action plan.