Learners Chess Need-Based Scholarship Application


Learners is committed to offering the benefits of our program to all students who want to learn, regardless of their background.

We offer the scholarship levels of 25%, 50%, & 75% for all of our fee-based educational programs:

If you are struggling to cover the cost of tuition for your child, please submit an application.

The Application Deadline for our programs is 7 days prior to a program's start date.

1 – Decide on a program

First decide which programs you want your child to attend and find out the normal price(s) of that program. You'll need this information when filing out your application.

2 – Apply

Fill out and submit your application below. Please honest and accurate in describing your situation of need.

3 – Receive emailed award

On submission of your application, our scholarship committee will review your application, make and award, and email you notification of your award.

4 – Register for Chess!

In your email award, you will receive a coupon code that you can use when you register your child for their chess club or camp.