2021-2022 Before and After School Chess Programs

If Covid-19 causes club cancellations: We WILL be offering refunds this semester for any cancelled chess club meetings due schools closing on account of covid-19. For each club cancelled by the school or district, we will offer a proportional refund as a credit or back to the card used to pay. 

If your school is not listed, we do not currently have a club planned. You may email us at learnerschess@gmail.com to propose a club, and we will work to get one started at your school if we are able. Otherwise, checkout our in-person community club and membership program!

If your school's link is not active, we are still working to finalize details for your school's chess club. Help us get things finalized by reminding your school administration about chess club and ask them for the details.

If your school is in Rio Rancho, Rio Rancho is not allowing outside groups to run after school activities currently. You can still checkout our in-person community club and membership program!

Community Programs

If your school does not have a chess club, the time doesn't work out for you, or you simply want to get an extra day of chess, check out our Community Club! This Club is available for anyone grade 1 through 12. Students must register ahead of time, but can register at any point during the semester for a prorated fee. Just like our in-school programs, this club consists of casual play, Learners rated games, lessons, puzzles, and of course our colored chess piece prizes. If you or your student is looking for more serious games without the instruction, Diamondback Chess is a great all-ages club that also meets on Monday nights and runs US Chess Federation rated games.

Programs In the Schools


  • Altura Prep Chess Club, Wednesdays, 3:15-4:15 pm.
    • Spring Session starts January 26th
    • Due to the number of students interested in this program, admission to this club must be cleared by the school administration per their request. If the number of students approved exceeds the number of spots available, the school will select the students who will be enrolled in the club.
    • 1st graders get picked up from school at 2:15, and must be brought back to school by their parents to begin chess club at 3:15. Learners cannot provide childcare before 3:15 pm
    • Register for the Spring here!




  • Double Eagle Double Eagles Chess Club,
    • School not allowing outside groups




  • Hubert Humphrey Hawks Chess Club,
    • School not currently allowing outside groups



  • Mountain Mahogany Knights Chess Club
    • Sign up with the school.


  • North Star Wolves Chess Club,
    • School not allowing outside groups



    • Seven Bar Wrangler Chess Club,
      • School not allowing outside groups
    • Sunset View
      • School not allowing outside groups


    • Tierra Antigua Firebirds Chess Club,
      • School not allowing outside groups


    • Zia Chess Club,
      • School not allowing outside groups