Just announced! Every other Saturday, Coach Willow is running a Girls Community Chess Club! 


Regular Community chess club meets every Tuesday at Learners Chess! 

Learners Chess Academy is hosting a Community Chess Club, free to all aspiring chess learners and seasoned chess players! Supplement your learning and chess practice from our after school programs, or make this your primary chess club!

  • When: Tuesdays, from 5:45-7:45pm
  • Where: Learners Chess HQ, 532 Adams NE, ABQ, NM, 87108
  • Who: Youth Chess Learners and Players (17 and below), with or without their parents/guardians may drop in on any and every club day. Adults not accompanied with a child may attend as well, by invitation or previous inquiry through our contact form.
  • Sign up here for our Community Chess Club email list.

Come to learn, play, and grow!

This club will be run by Learners Chess Academy Founder, Victor Lopez. Coach Victor and other Learners Chess Volunteers will play and work with all levels of chess players from absolute beginners to tournament chess players rated up to 1200.

  • September 25th will be our first meeting. 
  • October 2nd, at 6:15pm, Coach Victor will give a lecture on “Basic Checkmates Essential for Every Chess Learner to Know”
  • October 9th, at 6:15pm, Coach Victor will give a lecture on “The Basics of the Opening”
  • Other lectures will be planned as the club develops. Come with your questions on rules, tactics, and strategies and we’ll help you learn!