Online Tournament Calendar

Rapid Tournaments

Rapid Tournaments are held twice a week. Students are given 7 minutes on each side plus a 5 second increment (a 5 second bonus added to their clock after each move). We separate students into 2 sections so they can play with a skill group that will challenge but not overwhelm them and each section has 3 rounds. All tournaments are also rated with our internal club rating system.

  • Every Wednesday at 4:00pm (MT) / 6:00pm (ET)
  • Every Sunday at 2:30 (MT) / 4:30 (ET)

Other Playing Opportunities

  • Twice a Month on Saturdays at 1:00pm (MT) / 3:00pm (ET), please see calendar for exact dates
  • Includes:
    • Bughouse
    • Long Tournaments
    • Simuls
    • 4 Player Chess