Learners Chess Tournaments

November 11th Learners Fall Chess Tournament Gathering!

Saturday, November 11th

at Learners Chess's recently expanded headquarters!

Space limited to 60 players per section

Sign learn more and up here!

    • Tournaments are set up throughout the year!

    • Top finishers in each section will receive a trophy! All participants will receive colored chess piece prizes.

    • Need Based Discounts are available through the registration process.

    • All tournaments, unless otherwise noted, are located at our home office on the corner of Adams and Lomas, 532 Adams St NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87108

    • All students must follow all Covid-19 Guidelines, including not coming if they are sick

    • Parents are welcome to drop off their students, or to stay for the tournament.

    • All tournament games count for players' Learners Chess Rating.
    • All tournaments are run using the swiss tournament pairing system or a round robin system.
    • All tournaments are played with clocks. You can download a free chess clock app on any smart phone or device.

Learn about our Chess Ratings here